Would you watch a show called “Six of One?” (Actually, you probably have…)

According to Warren Littlefield, former president of NBC TV and the author of Top of the Rock, the show that followed the antics of six twenty-somethings as they navigated the waters of post-college life was originally called “Six of One” rather than name that is now enshrined in television history and pop culture, which is “Friends.”

Remember how great Thursday nights used to be? Admit it, you’re humming the theme song right now!

Test audiences were told the name of the show was to be “Six of One,” and when they seemed to collectively say “Huh?” or  “Six of what?” or “How may of which, now?” the powers that be quickly moved to change the name. Wisely, they took a simpler-is-better approach by asking themselves what the show was about, which was  six friends looking out for one another, growing together, laughing and crying together, etc. While indeed the show was about “Six all looking out for one,” it was ultimately about the friendships that held them all together, and even more ultimately it was about these six friends, so with a shrug they decided to call it “Friends.”

The moral(s) of the story?

1. Don’t be afraid to change ANYTHING as it relates to your brand, as long as the customer is involved in the decision.
2. “Simpler is better” when it comes to branding, messaging, strategy, and just about anything else of importance.

Take your pick!

And if you want a guaranteed bet you’ll be singing the theme song the rest of the day, click below…