Well, “Oops”, I guess…

system error screenIf you’re all of a sudden seeing more posts from me than usual, and if a lot of them look like you’ve seen them before, like a few months ago, my apologies.

Something went haywire with my Feedburner a while back and I was thrilled Wednesday to think we had the problem solved, then Thursday a post from months past just sort of showed up unexpectedly, so I’m still not sure what is going on (or of  exactly what’s gonna happen next!).

I have always appreciated having you as a reader and subscriber, and I try really hard to respect your time and the space of your inbox, so my apologies in advance if you get more messages than usual, posts that are either “old” or posts that you’ve seen before.

And as always, THANK YOU for the privilege of inviting me into your inbox and into your world every now and then. It’s an invitation I value and promise not to take for granted!