Unmasking EXCELLENT(!!!) customer service…

2013-09-27 18.09.08I found myself on a quest last week. My son decided he wanted to be Hawkeye from the Avengers for Halloween. It turns out that the Spirit Halloween store is the exclusive home of the Hawkeye costume in kids’ sizes. I called the Edmond store and spoke with Bridget. She was very courteous and told me that the store had just opened, and that the inventory hadn’t been completely shelved yet, but to call back in a couple of days and check with them then. “Ok,” I reasoned, and planned to do just that. 

I know from my phone log that I made that call at 4:22 on Thursday. At 4:24, a mere two minutes later, my cell phone rang again and it was Bridget. She had some very good news – she had just located a medium Hawkeye costume! She additionally offered to write my name on it and set it aside for me.  

I enthusiastically burst into the store on Friday morning to get the costume, acquired the one Bridget had so generously set aside for me, and of course thanked her for being such a beacon of customer service excellence. I had the chance also to meet Doug, the manager, and made a point of letting him know that he had a very satisfied customer on his hands. To his great credit, he told me he has come to expect nothing less than that caliber of service from Bridget.

Well, bravo, Bridget, and bravo, Doug! You two are great champions for the Spirit Halloween brand and you are the reason I’ll be back! They’re also why I’m telling you about them now!

They both deserve a “marketing medal” because they BOTH “get it” when it comes to taking care of the customer and winning through excellent service.  Bridget is obviously the star because she solved the problem for me in such a proactive, expeditious way. Doug also deserves a hand whether he trained her so well or because he hired so well, and it’s probably a combination. Whatever the ingredients of the recipe, Spirit Halloween needs to keep using it!

The great lesson is that I am a happy customer who will be back and will tell others about them! And all they had to do was to take care of their customer. If you want MORE business, just do GOOD business. It may not always be easy, but it is that simple!

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers who boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” W. Edwards Deming