I’m not a SPRINT customer, I’m a SARA customer!

cell phone - pdaA few days ago I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S4 for my wife. Now, before you Apple Devotees show up at my website with torches and pitchforks, go check that phone out. It’s a powerhouse! Anyhow, I’ve been a mostly-happy SPRINT customer for nearly two decades now. I say “mostly-happy” because there were a couple of easily-avoidable, hard-to-excuse bobbles on SPRINT’s part in the last few years. I won’t bore you with the details here because I almost wore you slick with BLOG posts about it a couple of years ago when it happened. Plus, I like to write mostly positive stuff, and to SPRINT’s credit, they finally did get the problem resolved and I was once again a happy customer.

When I bought this phone and got a text from SPRINT telling me I had to go and “verify” my discount. As I went from one SPRINT web page to another, failing to have my discount code recognized, I started getting that same “alone in a dark alley and about to get mugged” feeling I’d had a couple of years ago. Fortunately, this time, SPRINT had Sara taking care of it for me.

I called in to get help and Sara not only patiently helped me figure out a simple way to navigate the site, but on her own initiative, she reviewed my account helped me locate an even better discount that is going to save me another 4%.

Are you listening, SPRINT? I hope so, because THAT is how you keep a customer for life. Sara just saved your brand! Sara IS your brand as far I, your CUSTOMER, am concerned.

Good business means providing a quality product and being there to answer the questions of your customers. It means doing what you can to make sure theirs experience with you is indeed a good EXPERIENCE.  It means owning up to, and fixing, a problem when it occurs. And if you can give your customers a little MORE than they expected, that’s an investment that’ll come back to you, too, because they’ll tell others. If you want MORE business, do GOOD business!

Someday when Sara is the president of SPRINT, I hope she’ll remember this post in her acceptance speech!

We figure our best salesman is our customer. Treat that person right, he’ll walk out the door and sell for you.” – Jerry Murrell, Founder, Five Guys Burgers