How about some FREE training?

Looking for a way to get some quality,  FREE training? Then volunteer for a cause or a not-for-profit. These folks are always looking for help with projects. In fact, not only do they need help, they need LEADERSHIP to help them reach their goals. In other words, they need YOU. And YOU may need them, too.

As I was building my business several years ago, I found that getting actively involved in the right organizations was not only great for building my personal brand and that of the business, but also for getting some great training at someone else’s expense!  Plus it’s just a lot of fun because you get to work with other leaders you might not have the opportunity to work with otherwise.

There are several cautions that need to be observed when volunteering (and I’ll talk about them another time) but the benefits far outweigh the costs when it comes to volunteering.

So the next time the chance to volunteer comes along, don’t think about how busy you are, think about how it can positively impact your future.