Black Friday: The dark truth for consumers…

sale sign snowflakeThere’s a lot of hype surrounding the time of year we’ve come to call Black Friday. Stories abound about how retailers are opening earlier and earlier (some are even attempting to hijack the Thanksgiving holiday itself!) with all these supposedly sweet deals that await consumers looking for the “bargains of the year.”

But are these really bargains?

After you fight the mob (no kidding, people have been hurt as they scrap for bargains at these crazy sales) to get access to the merchandise, can you really be assured the store will have enough stock so you get your bargain  in the first place?

Not only that, but have you checked out some of the savings you can now get, YEAR ROUND, on such great sites as (Nod to “Amazon Prime”), where you can get your bargain shipped right to your door (or the door of your gift’s recipient)  without having to dodge a single flying elbow in the store? Why not let your fingers do the walking and let someone else foot the fuel bill (lest we forget, when gas is as high as it has been at times this year, driving your own car costs you about 60 cents a mile!)?

When you figure up your true, total COST of participating in Black Friday, the dark truth you may discover for yourself is that it isn’t such a bargain after all.

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