Have you heard what happened at Richards Car Care?

I have historically shied away from naming companies (or people, for that matter) by name in my blogging endeavors. That’s because I prefer to say only positive things about companies (and people), and also because sometimes companies (and people) can end up disappointing you. It’s kind of awkward to either have to “print a retraction” or just take down an entry I’ve posted where I bragged on a company or individual that ended up not being the caliber I want to be associated with, much less acquaint you with or be perceived as endorsing.

In some cases, I’ve even bragged on strangers who have single-handedly saved the brands of their organizations by giving professional service. Remember Sara? How about Bridget & DougI’m offering that as evidence because you may end up reading about a very disappointing experience I am currently having with the Kodak company…but you will likely be hearing more on their lackluster efforts later.

But on with today’s POSITIVE story…

I’ve been a customer of Richards Car Care for close to 10 years now. They were recommended by my father-in-law, who had a respected 45+ year career in the automotive industry, so they had the power of an authority figure as an endorsement working for them from the start!

But they REALLY wowed me when they went out of their way to help dear old mom. One day my mother, who’s in her 70s, was up here visiting her grandson (though she claims she comes to see his parents, too). There was some bad weather moving in later that day so we really wanted her to have the 3-hour drive behind her and to have her home safe and sound before that happened. As she was about to leave, we noticed a nail in her tire. Fortunately, it wasn’t flat yet, so I had her follow me a the short distance to Richards and we’d see if they could get her on the road. My optimism sank when we pulled up and I saw they were extremely busy, but I explained the situation to them and they made a point of getting her right in and back on the road.

I might be exaggerating a wee bit to say they treated the situation with such urgency that you’d have thought it was their mother they were helping, but it sure felt that way!

That was several years ago, but I’m STILL telling the story and I make a point of reminding them of it every time I’m in, often in front of a showroom of onlooking customers. 

You’ve heard me say often, to have MORE business, do GOOD business.

What stories are your customers telling about you?