Veteran’s Day 2014

Thomas H. Smith (1944)

Thomas H. Smith (1944)

Posting for Veteran’s Day is something I always look forward to. I end up saying pretty much the same thing every year, yet it’s something we can’t say enough because any of us who enjoy freedom today have someone who took an oath to defend our freedom with their lives if necessary to thank. So as we do each year, we say a heartfelt THANKS to all those who so selflessly served our country and those who continue to serve.

In year’s past I’ve also mentioned how proud I am to be able to tell my son that both his Grandfathers wore their country’s uniform. You can read more about that here.

This year I wanted to be sure that thank you specifically includes my dad, Tom Smith. He died in 1988 so I can’t thank him personally, but I can give him a little tribute here.

I urge you to make sure that you express your appreciation for any veterans you know. To say we owe them everything isn’t an exaggeration, but an understatement.

No freedom, no free market.

Lest we forget!