Networking is BRANDING!


Looking for a graduation gift? Just sayin’…

Networking can be the most powerful marketing tool you have. This is because it puts you face-to-face with prospects, enables you to get to know all about how you can help them, then enables you to tailor your introduction to exactly that. When you network, you are the brand to those you meet wherever you go. You are the window through which your brand is viewed, you are what they will “say” about your brand, and whatever feelings they get for you or about you will become their brand association with you. Remember, that’s really all a brand is, whatever the customer thinks of when they think of you.

So with that in mind, just remember that EVERYTHING is branding! Be friendly, be professional, and be mindful that somebody is watching, and building lasting impressions of you, all the time.

I know you get this, but if there are others out there who represent your brand, how about making sure they know it, too?

Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you‘re saying.”Ralph Waldo Emerson