Good copy, Home Depot!

2015-12-11 11.20.38Pop quiz: Is this good marketing? The answer in a moment (like you didn’t already know what the answer is!). (Psst… you can find a hint here if need be.

Anyhow, on with the story.

I spied this display right outside the main entrance to Home Depot. They had an immaculately trimmed Christmas tree with a sign that read “Visit our Garden Center for your fresh cut tree,” and an arrow directed prospects to the entrance to the Garden Center.

Loved it! I thought the copy was well done. “Visit” is always a pleasant word, and the “for your fresh cut tree” verbiage really resonated with me. Just very well done.

So back to the to the original question:”Is this good marketing?” The answer is, “Does it get results?” Here’s where I have to say, in my case it didn’t.

I thought it was clever, well placed, well done, and so forth, it just didn’t move me to want to purchase a live tree. We’re an artificial, pre-lit tree kind of family.

To be fair, though, am I really their target market? If we’re not a live tree kind of family, my answer may not count. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this message did in fact resonate with its intended target market, that prospect who actually wants a fresh-cut tree. For that matter, it might even spur a purchase from someone who has thought about trying a fresh cut tree but just hadn’t yet made the plunge.  Were those things to occur, then indeed it would have to be considered “good marketing” because it did indeed get results!

All that aside, I still just really liked it, doggone it! Someone once said that advertising is “Art for the masses,” and I’d have to agree. A worthwhile attempt needs to be appreciated!

I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.” – John Wanamaker