The BLOG I should have written 9 years ago (Due apologies, Mercy!)

Nine years ago this month my son was born. I won’t get all mushy and go on and on about how much I love him and my wife, or how it does indeed change your life (in good ways!) the way everybody says it will, or any of that.

What I will do is give a long overdue “Thanks” to the professional team on the maternity floor at Mercy Hospital who did such a swell job of helping our family navigate that joyous, exciting, and terrifying time. Joyous and exciting to be new parents of a perfectly healthy son, and terrifying to be signing lifetime contracts as new parents! We often think back fondly on that experience thanks to what great care they gave us all.

So even if it’s long overdue, I hope you professionals, you angels of Mercy, know how appreciated you still are!