What about my wife?

Image result for on cue logoThe other day I was making my ritual purchase of a soft drink at the OnCue Drive-Thru.  To my “yes” response to the question “Will that be all?”, Erika,the nice young lady who often takes care of me when she works the drive-thru asked, “What about your wife?”

“Well, what about my wife?” was the first thing that popped into my mind, wondering what the heck she was talking about.

Then it hit me…

When I’m in “good husband mode,” I’ll often grab my dear wife a Diet Dr. Pepper. When I’m trying to either stay in good husband mode or get out of trouble, I’ll even drop a Diet Dr. Pepper by her work. Erika knows this, and because she typically waits on me, Erika wisely thought to ask and I have her to thank for getting to be the hero that morning as well.

There are any number of reasons I can list why I go out of my way to patronize OnCue, but this kind of service is high on the list, and Erika deserves a special shout-out for setting that tone.

Great lesson for any of us no matter what industry we are in: Know thy customer!


Before you write an ad, rent a list, dash off a press release, fix your service.” – Harry Beckwith, Selling the Invisible