Prediction: Who will win between Costco and Sam’s Club (Guaranteed bet!)

A lot of great things have happened in Oklahoma City in the 25 plus years I’ve been part of the business community. The opening of Costco here in town is but one example of how it’s just getting better and better!

It’s no secret Sam’s loses a lot of sleep over the threat Costco poses, and rightfully so. I predict we’ll see quite the battle for market share here in town, with both sides upping their game. I don’t know what all campaigns and tactics we’ll see deployed as the big box war rages on, but I can make you a promise today and not back down.

I know who will win…

And you can take it to the bank….

The winner will be: THE CUSTOMER!

In the free market economy, more competition equals more choice which equals more value for the CUSTOMER.

Since that’s you and me, please touch your screen and join me in a virtual high-five!

Nothing is worthwhile unless it touches the customer.” –Edgar Woolard, CEO, Dupont