All hail the power of the pivot…

All organizations exist in a dynamic environment. The very nature of that dynamic environment means there will be things that will necessitate change for the organization. Constantly.

One way the most successful organizations cope with change is to constantly be a student of their environment while constantly asking “what if…” questions, then brainstorming potential strategies. I always liked how Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame put it:

I was never much of a reader when I was a boy. Books bored me. I liked action. But I spent a lot of time thinking about things. I’d imagine all kinds of situations and how I would handle them.” – Ray Kroc

A good approach is to be ready and willing to make a modification, be it small or large, short-term or ongoing, to the entire business model if necessary. And recall, “business model” is just a fancy way of stating how the organization accomplishes its purpose.

Here’s a salute to all of those organizations out there who have courageously tackled the challenge of pivoting over the last few months in order to survive during the pandemic and for striving to deliver VALUE for us customers. That’s not an easy accomplishment under any circumstances, but especially under a tight deadline in unprecedented, uncertain times.