Good marketing (Even if it won’t win an award…)


As you look at the pictures to your left and read what you’re about to, you may think I’m a little too easily impressed. And granted, it doesn’t take much to impress me. I grew up in a town that only had 36 people in it, so things like pushing the buttons in an elevator are still thrilling to me.

What you see is an aisle display for Hallmark Cards. This was cleverly placed at the end of the first aisle at my favorite Wal-Mart Marketplace between the frozen food and the detergent. While the placement of the display was very strategic, that caught my attention less than the copy printed on the right side, which simply reads, “Our card department has even more…”


Now granted, this is a comparatively minor tactic in the big scheme of things, but I think that minor tactic may have some decent payoffs. If the customer doesn’t find what she’s looking for in this display, she’s reminded that there is a larger selection in the card section. If that reminder helps result in a sale that might otherwise not have materialized, I consider that good marketing.

Plus it’s also possible that once she gets to the card section, she’ll buy a more expensive card. Or maybe several cards. Or all of the above.

I think the specific tactic of using that specific copy is an honorable mention because whoever put in in there was thinking like the customer and thinking of how to get the absolute maximum value out of that cardboard real estate.

Marketing is simply figuring out what you have to do to sell your product or service for a profit.” – Jack Trout