Why won’t your employees do what you want?

For the same reason you wouldn’t do it if they were the boss and you were the employee and they were trying to  get you to do something!

It’s virtually impossible to “get” employees – or anybody else, for that matter – to “do” anything.

There has to be a compelling “why,” There has to be value for them in doing what you’re asking them to do. If there’s not a compelling “why,” they won’t see the VALUE, and the outcomes you’d hoped for won’t magically appear.

It’s up to you to set the example and show your team why they should produce. You have to set the culture, you have to live the example, and you have to demonstrate the value in serving the customers.

You have to create a game your team members want to play.

You have to show them that not only is the entire organization better off when everyone makes serving their customers their obsession, but it makes for a more rewarding experience for the employee as well.

The good news is, you probably already knew all that. You know the difference between being a manger and a leader. You know that a leader leads from the front, not the rear. By example.

But a little reminder never hurt anything, right?

“The problem isn’t with the worker. The problem is at the top. With management.” – W. Edwards Deming