Well, here we are…

Crossroads_Trail.jpgI have found myself being overly reflective of late. Maybe it’s because I’ve made some headway in finding a comfortable level of balance in my life by focusing on what’s most important and of letting go of what isn’t. Who knows, but it’s a good place and if you’ll indulge me I’ll be sharing a little more about that in future entries just because I think it’s something we’re all looking for. When I get my findings down to the kinds of brief, actionable ideas that you can use, which is the kind of value it is my great joy and honor to try to bring you with each entry, I’ll be eagerly sharing them.

One thing I think we’re all looking for is some kind of perspective. As I’ve written before, it’s a zany, crazy, mad, slap-happy, sometimes unforgiving world out there. I ran across this quote from “the great one” himself, (click here for one example of why I’m such a fan)  Dr. Peter F. Drucker, who said that every so many years, we cross a “divide.”

Within a few short decades, society rearranges itself – its worldview, its basic values, its social and political structure, its arts, its key institutions. Fifty years later, there is a new world. The people born after the transformation cannot even imagine the world in which their grandparents lived and into which their own parents were born.” –

Have your kids asked you what kind of cell phone you had when you were in junior high? For that matter, have you ever stopped and wondered how in the world we ever dared leave the house without our the security of having a cell phone handy? Or how we could have possibly done our Christmas shopping in the days before the Internet? Or what kind of psychotic episode would undoubtedly result if we failed to check e-mail for a whole week?

I wish I could conclude this entry with “THE” answers, but that’s above my pay grade. I have no idea what’s next, but as far as us determining what direction to take, one simple answer is VALUE. Think constantly about your customer and what they value most, and do more of that. Think about how what they currently value could be improved, then work to improve on that. None of us may be able to see the future, but if we really think about it, we can all imagine a better future and the winners of tomorrow will be those who can deliver that “better future” to the marketplace. So go get ’em!

When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’” – Sydney J. Harris