Month: July 2008

When Should You Change a Strategy?

When it stops working. Not when YOU get tired of it, not when you think the market wants something new, not when some expert tells you it’s time for a change, and  not just because you’ve had it a long time. You change a campaign or strategy when the results you sought stop appearing on […]

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How’s a Film Critic Supposed to Make a Living These Days?

“Word of mouth has become word of keyboard,” stated an article in Futurist magazine last spring. Instead of seeking so-called “experts”, consumers today let their fingers do their talking and interact with other consumers to decide what, when, how and why to buy. You probably shop this way, too. So welcome to the revolution! Not […]

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Is The Sanitation Department Hiring?

I published my first book in 2007, the same year as the birth of our son. That was all done very much by design. I wanted him to be able to say that his dad was an author who wrote his first book the year he was born! He’s 17 months old now, and though […]

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Care For Some Fries With That Coronary?

One would assume that a SWOT analysis of the Heart Attack Grill would lead to the conclusion that the increased focus on health and wellness would be a “societal factor” that makes this concept unattractive. If one were to reach that conclusion, one would be wrong, and one would be advised not to tell the folks over […]

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