Networking is BRANDING!

  Networking can be the most powerful marketing tool you have. This is because it puts you face-to-face with prospects, enables you to get to know all about how you can help them, then enables you to tailor your introduction to exactly that. When you network, you are the brand to those you meet wherever […]

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So how long are we gonna have to hear about this…?

Just a short, get-to-the-point post this week. Unusual for me, huh? What’s not so unusual for me is to sneak in a little self-promotion, so I’ll subtly do that now… Two articles I’d selfishly like very much for you to see: The message: THANKS to all those who made the journey possible. The […]

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Is Time Money?

Short answer: Yep, Time is money. If you’re busy, you can just stop reading right here and get on with your day. Not only is time money, but time is the new measure of wealth. There is most definitely a correlation between time and money! On the expense side, it’s time = money. On the revenue […]

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The perfect Tweet?

Below is a link to an article shared in a Tweet by Tim Berney, founder and president of VI Marketing and Branding. Tim spoke to an entrepreneurship class of mine a while back, as he has done many times over the years. This very successful entrepreneur gives his time and wisdom to the class, and […]

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