Google us!

I saw a noteworthy copy writing tactic used on the tailgate of a services company while driving around the other day.It had the company name, a short tagline, and the call to action, "Google us."Nothing fancy, but I think remarkably powerful in its simplicity.And if...

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Billboards? Really?

Ever bought something singularly because you saw an advertising message on a billboard? More than likely, the answer is "No." If the next question is, "Does that mean billboards don't work?", the answer is also "No." Yes, I am aware that it is 2022 and there are...

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Good marketing (Even if it won’t win an award…)

  As you look at the pictures to your left and read what you’re about to, you may think I’m a little too easily impressed. And granted, it doesn’t take much to impress me. I grew up in a town that only had 36 people in it, so things like pushing the buttons in an […]

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All hail the power of the pivot…

All organizations exist in a dynamic environment. The very nature of that dynamic environment means there will be things that will necessitate change for the organization. Constantly. One way the most successful organizations cope with change is to constantly be a student of their environment while constantly asking “what if…” questions, then brainstorming potential strategies. […]

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