Google us!

I saw a noteworthy copy writing tactic used on the tailgate of a services company while driving around the other day.It had the company name, a short tagline, and the call to action, "Google us."Nothing fancy, but I think remarkably powerful in its simplicity.And if...

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What’s the #1 rule of branding?

What’s the #1 rule of branding that has to be top of mind at all times? The customer owns it! The most important rule of branding is to recognize that the customer ultimately owns the brand, not us. It has always been that way, but social media has just been providing irrefutable proof over the […]

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Farewell, Family Video…

Well, can't say I'm surprised, but I am still a little sad. Got an e-mail from the president of Family Video some time ago announcing that they were shutting their doors. Very gracious, thankful, forthright e-mail letting us customers know how much we were appreciated...

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What about my wife?

The other day I was making my ritual purchase of a soft drink at the OnCue Drive-Thru.  To my “yes” response to the question “Will that be all?”, Erika,the nice young lady who often takes care of me when she works the drive-thru asked, “What about your wife?” “Well, what about my wife?” was the […]

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