What’s the #1 rule of branding?

What’s the #1 rule of branding that has to be top of mind at all times? The customer owns it! The most important rule of branding is to recognize that the customer ultimately owns the brand, not us. It has always been that way, but social media has just been providing irrefutable proof over the […]

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What’s next?

Everybody wants to know “what’s next” in terms of the post-pandemic 2020 and beyond. I wish I knew. I’ll add that I don’t have a lot of faith in anybody who claims they do know, to be quite candid and just a little snarky. The optimist in me likes to think

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Me and Seth Godin…

Seth Godin is a brilliant marketer. He often posts a blog entry of only one sentence or a few sentences. And people think it’s amazing. And when he does it, it is. If I were to do that, it’d just look like I was trying to imitate Mr. Godin. Or just lazy. Or both. Which […]

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What is a brand, anyway?

  What, exactly, is a brand? Simply put, it’s anything and everything your customer can associate with you. Your brand is the window, any window, through which your organization can be viewed. It’s any word the customer uses to describe you, and it’s any touch point your customer has with your organization. It’s also any […]

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Value just blinked out?

Christmas lights have come a long way since I was a kid. In the days of old, Christmas lights were all on one circuit, so if one bulb…one itty bitty bulb… burned out, the whole strand of lights would stop working and you’d have to check each bulb to figure out which one to replace […]

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