Jingle Mingle for a great cause!

A good time was had by all and a boatload of money got raised for the Dream Fund Thursday night thanks to the Oklahoma City Marcomm Community. It’s always fun to hang out with marketing gurus (and AMA Past-Presidents) Brian Blake and Kevin Jessop, but to get to share the stage with these pros was […]

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How about some FREE training?

Looking for a way to get some quality,  FREE training? Then volunteer for a cause or a not-for-profit. These folks are always looking for help with projects. In fact, not only do they need help, they need LEADERSHIP to help them reach their goals. In other words, they need YOU. And YOU may need them, too. […]

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A toast…to the AMAOKC (Again!)

Sometimes being dead wrong can turn out to be a good thing! When the idea last year for doing an evening event at the Oklahoma City Chapter of the American Marketing Association came up, a banquet-type event (translation: labor-intensive event!), I was skeptical at first, and I said so. I did it in the same […]

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The do’s and don’ts of Thank-You notes?

Especially in the digital age, sending a hand-written correspondence to someone is a way to distinguish your brand. As I wrote in The Great Game of Networking, customers appreciate not only the attention, but the time it took you to send the note. My friend Rachel Wagner is an expert in business etiquette and she […]

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What’s a “correct” answer?

In his book series, Rich Dad/Poor Dad , Robert Kiyosaki is a little critical of our educational system. You can read the books and discover for yourself why he holds these opinions, but I just thought I’d share a couple of his viewpoints here. One of the issues he takes with the system is that […]

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Bigger than the Maytag Repair Man?

The other day we had a problem where our dishwasher was overflowing suds. We knew who to call because we’d used a very good repair service, Dan’s Appliance Repair, when we had a problem with our washing machine. We knew to use Dan’s because when my wife’s sister had needed some appliance problem solved at […]

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A search for perspective?

I know a lot of us who love business spend time reading the biographies of successful people and case studies of successful organizations. One of the things I’ve noticed is that many times, when successful people reflect on the most happy times or most memorable points in their journeys, they talk about the early days […]

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