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How about a sure-fire copy writing formula?

Need to write some ad copy? A flyer? A cover letter? An e-mail? Copy for your website? Here’s a time-honored formula that’s sure to work for you. An oldie but a goodie. AIDA – Attention, interest, desire, action. Those four hallowed words reverently dictate how you can write persuasive copy. It’s a formula that’s been […]

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Good marketing does what, again?

Just a little refresher course on how to know if  marketing we’re observing is “good marketing” or not. I thought I’d do this  by quoting some of my favorite marketing authors… “The goal of advertising is to sell more stuff to more people more often for more money” – Sergio Zyman “If it doesn’t sell, […]

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The death of brand ownership?

Brands are still powerful. Building a solid brand is still a noble – and profitable – pursuit. You should work to build as strong a brand as you can and then work to make it even stronger, because a good brand is indeed money in the bank. It’s like having a printing press on which […]

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