Krugman was wrong?

Oh no, you may be thinking. Krugman was wrong? Say it ain’t so! Not Krugman! To be honest, I had never heard of Paul Krugman until I ran across this little tidbit on a Motley Fool Podcast. Paul Krugman is an economist who, in 1996, said that by 2005 or so the economic impact of […]

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This generation can’t text and buy gum at the same time?

Wrigley’s says gum sales are down. Why? Largely because of technology. Yes, you read that correctly. Technology. Most chewing gum is sold at the checkout counter thanks to its being conveniently placed right by the register as you complete your shopping experience. In days gone by, the colorful displays and packaging might catch the customer’s eye and entice a […]

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What would Joan do?

Procter & Gamble is considered a “best of breed” company. Their stock is considered a must-own by the vast majority of stock analysts, and their legacy has spanned two centuries. One reason for their ongoing success is the power of their brands. One reason they have such powerful brands is because they stay so close […]

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Why is everything so crazy?

One of the first lessons of leadership is to constantly acknowledge that we operate in a very dynamic environment. While the ongoing nature and rapid pace of the change is often frustrating (if not mind-boggling!), we can also acknowledge that there are specific categories of environmental forces at work that can be studied to help […]

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