Month: July 2009

First-Mover Advantage?

There’s a lot to be said for being the “first mover” into the marketplace. As some of my favorite marketng authors, Reis & Trout, said years ago, “It’s better to be first than it is to be better.” One of the reasons they said it’s better to be first in the market is because whoever […]

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What The Heck Are You Doing?

I once heard of a law firm that had one guiding principle that was ingrained in every single employee at every department from the time they were first hired. It goes like this: “You’re either serving the client, or you’re serving the person who’s serving the client. If you’re not, then what the heck are […]

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Sears Goes Out On A Ledge?

The Sears Tower in Chicago has added a glass-bottomed observation deck 100-plus stories high on the tower that allows the observer to step out on the deck for a unique, breathtaking view. They call it, “The Ledge!” You can click here for the video and here for some cool pics! This is noteworthy not just because it’s an […]

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