Month: September 2008

Reach For The Sky?

Several years ago, Cessna decided they wanted to enter the lear jet market. They had a good solid brand in the single-engine, light aircraft category, and just knew they could leverage their core competencies into success in this premium market segment. But they had concerns that the market might not agree. They feared that even […]

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Wish They’d Bring It Back?

This is worth a look! MSN ran an article recently of products readers said they’d like to see resurrected. See for yourself! Just fun and games, mostly, but there may also be a couple of marketing/business/strategy-type lessons here that may ignite a creativity fire for you. Or at least be some good water-cooler trivia.

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A Dab Of WD-40 Saves A Customer?

A colleague of mine relayed a story of a luncheon she was attending a while back. She and her group wound up seated at a table near the kitchen door, which usually wouldn’t have been significant, except that the door had a horrible squeak to it. Actually, she said it squeaked when it was opened, […]

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