Month: January 2009

We’re In The Finals!!!

Thank you, readers!!! We’ve just learned that this BLOG you are kind enough to visit each week has been nominated by one of YOU in the category of “Best Inspirational BLOG” in the 2008 Okie BLOG awards! And we’re in the finals!!! Could I ask you to visit HERE and vote when you get a […]

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A Time To Sow?

I heard an interesting ad on the radio recently. It was from a fellow selling his “real estate system” in which he promised to teach those who bought his program how to profit from the current real estate slump. One of his attention-getters was, “America is on sale!”, meaning that there are currently bargains all […]

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There Really Is A WD-40 Fan Club?

Yes indeed! I wasn’t kidding in my Sept. 3, 2008 post when, after praising WD-40 for saving the day, I said, “No wonder there’s a WD-40 fan club.” Check it out! Your business has a fan club, too. People talk about their experiences with your organization, and if you’re doing it right, they’re saying good […]

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