Month: October 2011

Is Halloween a business holiday?

My father owned a little grocery store in Western Oklahoma. By any of the standard definitions provided by such entities as the Small Business Administration and the Internal Revenue Service it would be considered a “small” business or even a “micro business”. However, there was absolutely NOTHING small about what Smith Grocery and Tom Smith […]

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Bigger than the Maytag Repair Man?

The other day we had a problem where our dishwasher was overflowing suds. We knew who to call because we’d used a very good repair service, Dan’s Appliance Repair, when we had a problem with our washing machine. We knew to use Dan’s because when my wife’s sister had needed some appliance problem solved at […]

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A search for perspective?

I know a lot of us who love business spend time reading the biographies of successful people and case studies of successful organizations. One of the things I’ve noticed is that many times, when successful people reflect on the most happy times or most memorable points in their journeys, they talk about the early days […]

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