Month: August 2009

Strength or Weakness?

Guy Kawasaki told an enlightening story about the old Woolworth’s Department Stores in How to Drive Your Competition Crazy: Creating Disruption for Fun and Profit. When Woolworth’s moved into a market, the entrenched department store across the street launched a campaign to remind the market that they were there first, that the customers should entrust […]

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How Can You Eliminate Risk?

How can you eliminate risk altogether? Here’s a better question: Why even try? In an article in Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine, author Michael Covel recalled a quote he’d found beneficial since first hearing it at the 1989 University of Georgia’s commencement address. The speaker, Charles S. Sanford, Jr., said, “In the conventional wisdom, risk is asymmetrical: It has […]

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I ran across a good book about Drucker a while back and ended up ordering it through the good folks at Books Beyond Borders. I got it at a steal of a price (including shipping it was about 1/4 the cost of a new book, and far less than I usually pay in library fines!), which made […]

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What’s Better Than Being First?

Typically it’s better to be first into the market because the organization or product who is first in the market winds up being first in the mind when consumers are making their purchase decisions. A degree of ownership accompanies being “first” into the market because the opportunity to obtain ownership of the whole category or […]

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