Month: April 2014

Cell phone facts…

You’re welcome to draw your own conclusions, I just thought you’d enjoy hearing these facts. According to the Pew Internet Project’s 2014 Mobile Technology Fact sheet: 90% of American adults have a cell phone 58% have a smartphone 32% own an e-reader of some kind 42% own a tablet PC That 90% of Americans how […]

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Have you heard what happened at Richards Car Care?

I have historically shied away from naming companies (or people, for that matter) by name in my blogging endeavors. That’s because I prefer to say only positive things about companies (and people), and also because sometimes companies (and people) can end up disappointing you. It’s kind of awkward to either have to “print a retraction” […]

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Has flipped?

If you’ve visited Amazon recently, you may have had your first  experience with Amazon’s new “Flip to back” feature. Their “Look inside” feature has always been a hit, so this addition may not be that impressive to you, but I think its subtlety is precisely why it is noteworthy. The “Look Inside” feature lets you […]

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Will the shoe fit for Under Armour?

Check out the cool commercial from Under Armour shown below. My favorite part is when the announcer says “From the brand that reinvented the t-shirt comes the very first running shoe made entirely in a clothing factory…”  I like this even though you may be saying, as you read this, that I’m contradicting myself based […]

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