Month: May 2014

Market segmentation by lifestyle (a great way to grow share of customer)

Two marketing terms you hear thrown around a lot are “market segmentation” and “share of customer”. Market segmentation basically means taking this thing called “the market” and recognizing that there really is no “the market,” but instead multiple markets of prospects with similar characteristics, wants, needs, etc. So what you do is to take “the […]

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The death of brand ownership?

Brands are still powerful. Building a solid brand is still a noble – and profitable – pursuit. You should work to build as strong a brand as you can and then work to make it even stronger, because a good brand is indeed money in the bank. It’s like having a printing press on which […]

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Why ask why?

Questions are the sales professional’s most powerful tool in building trust-based relationships in which he or she helps the prospect  find a valuable solution. Properly used, questions result in the prospect doing  the vast majority of the talking in the sales interview. If the right level of rapport is achieved, and the right questions are […]

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