Another strategy McDonald’s is considering (And what they REALLY need to!)

Something McDonald’s is considering as part of it’s retooling in order to reboot profitable growth is serving breakfast all day. I think this is a good idea for a couple of reasons. The most important is that it’s in response to what customers want. McDonald’s does a tremendous breakfast business, and there have been ongoing requests from customers […]

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What’s the real goal?

Many of the frustrations in marketing come from focusing on the wrong things. We ask the wrong questions, which in turn makes the problem we’re trying to solve seem that much more difficult. In fact, we often end up trying to solve the wrong problem in the first place! Consider a typical Restaurant owner. She […]

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Market segmentation by lifestyle (a great way to grow share of customer)

Two marketing terms you hear thrown around a lot are “market segmentation” and “share of customer”. Market segmentation basically means taking this thing called “the market” and recognizing that there really is no “the market,” but instead multiple markets of prospects with similar characteristics, wants, needs, etc. So what you do is to take “the […]

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Is discounting an investment?

No, I’m not changing my tune. I still say, “Don’t cut the price, build the brand!” I still advocate competing on value rather than price simply because there is always some short-sighted competitor out there who is willing to give away the store. Just as I believe an undeniable truth is that quality is always […]

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