All hail the power of the pivot…

All organizations exist in a dynamic environment. The very nature of that dynamic environment means there will be things that will necessitate change for the organization. Constantly. One way the most successful organizations cope with change is to constantly be a student of their environment while constantly asking “what if…” questions, then brainstorming potential strategies. […]

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Definition of the day: Business Model

If you watch Shark Tank, read an article about business, or just find yourself in a conversation with somebody who’s trying to sound smart about business, you’ll undoubtedly hear them use the term “Business Model.” Textbooks define “Business Model” a lot of different ways, but my favorite was from the late, legendary Peter F. Drucker […]

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That first step?

Who knows what the new normal is gonna be, or what is the best, fastest way to get there? Lots of uncertainty to be sure, and navigating this new normal will undoubtedly be challenging, frustrating, even downright scary for all of us. But the future is upon us and we’ve got to get out there […]

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What’s next?

Everybody wants to know “what’s next” in terms of the post-pandemic 2020 and beyond. I wish I knew. I’ll add that I don’t have a lot of faith in anybody who claims they do know, to be quite candid and just a little snarky. The optimist in me likes to think

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What about my wife?

The other day I was making my ritual purchase of a soft drink at the OnCue Drive-Thru.  To my “yes” response to the question “Will that be all?”, Erika,the nice young lady who often takes care of me when she works the drive-thru asked, “What about your wife?” “Well, what about my wife?” was the […]

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