Month: July 2012

The power of PURPOSE!

Here’s a commercial that I loved! It really showcases how organizations should exist not to just make products or provide services, but to enrich lives! Every organization should clearly define its purpose. It’s purpose should identify exactly WHO it serves and HOW. Every subsequent decision should be derived from that purpose. Granted, there are a […]

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Why is repeat business so important?

The obvious yet surprisingly often overlooked reason repeat business is so important is that having a happy customer return means not having to spend money attracting a new one. Customers that come back are already coming back at a premium because there are no acquisition costs associated with that business. Costs we would have ordinarily had […]

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Fundraising as a family!

My dear wife, Terri, and I celebrated the 10th anniversary of the day we met by doing the same thing we were doing the day we met, which is fighting for a CURE for muscular dystrophy. Terri was a district director way back then and the Summer Sizzler Car Show was one of her many […]

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The do’s and don’ts of Thank-You notes?

Especially in the digital age, sending a hand-written correspondence to someone is a way to distinguish your brand. As I wrote in The Great Game of Networking, customers appreciate not only the attention, but the time it took you to send the note. My friend Rachel Wagner is an expert in business etiquette and she […]

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Mad about YOU?

Mad Men has made all kinds of television history, including being named best drama for four years in a row, and there are legions of loyal fans who revere the show. It even inspired the theme for the monstrously successful Marketini event held by the AMAOKC this year. For a marketer, it’s a blast to […]

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Is discounting an investment?

No, I’m not changing my tune. I still say, “Don’t cut the price, build the brand!” I still advocate competing on value rather than price simply because there is always some short-sighted competitor out there who is willing to give away the store. Just as I believe an undeniable truth is that quality is always […]

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No freedom, no free market!

Independence day message: THANK YOU! We live in, and reap the benefits of, the free market because our men and women in the armed forces, throughout the history of this great nation, took an oath to defend that freedom with their own lives if necessary. I know several of you who are readers here have […]

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